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2 Answers

Expand the brackets using the distributive property:


by Top Rated User (599k points)
(-2x - 1) • (x + 3) This is what i found im not sure ill comment if i found the right answer!
by Level 1 User (920 points)

No, you haven’t answered the user’s question, but you did try to find something like it, so you made an effort. It is best that you try to find out answers by using your own understanding, rather than just looking things up in the hope that you might stumble on the right answer. You can learn a lot by studying the answers on this website and learning from them so that you increase your understanding. Mathematics is a very big subject and you will only progress by applying what you know to solve problems, but if you don’t really understand what a question is about, then leave it and find another one which you do understand. That’s what I do because my knowledge and understanding are limited, too. You need to be honest with yourself and fair to other users who may be really struggling with problems. I would be happy to help you, if I can, if you don’t understand something.

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